Bloody blood groups!


Many people know their blood group and most would like to know what significance, if any, it might have on their life. The science of the subject can be extremely complex, but this book is an attempt to simplify some of the mystery and science that surrounds the blood groups. 

It is aimed at the general public this is not the book for the professionals, rather, it will take the reader along the simple steps of what a blood group is, where it is, and what it might mean for them. What will your blood group reveal, is it heritable, what information might it be concealing for you or even the forensic scientist?

The book draws together information from published reports where blood groups have been, rightly or wrongly, linked to criminality, intelligence, ability, health, and a number of other cognitive and interpersonal characteristics that make us who we are.

Step your way through the many aspects of blood groups, unearth what might be relevant to you and at the same time discover the many fascinating facts (sometimes fact, sometimes fiction) that researchers have uncovered over many years of dedicated investigation.  Commercial companies of some countries, still lay great store in the blood group of an applicant, and this is one of the factors they take into account when  making an appointment. But what groups are they likely to  find suits their posts?

All of this adds to the appeal and entertainment of the book.

The book is written in an easy understandable style, interlaced with some humour, all gathered from the author’s various encounters with real life.

Available on the 28th March, 2023

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